Jemma Evans

Dr Jemma Evans is Deputy Head of the Endometrial Remodelling Laboratory at The Hudson Institute of Medical Resaerch and a career development fellow at the School of Clinical Sciences, Monash University. Her research is focused on understanding how the lining of the uterus becomes ready (receptive) for the implantation of an embryo, as well as the key controllers of communication between the uterus and the embryo.

This readiness and communication in the peri-implantation period is critical to understand new ways to 1) improve pregnancy rates in infertile couples and 2) target these critical factors to maintain the endometrium in a non-receptive state through the development of novel contraceptives.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the local environment within the uterus can have an effect on development of the baby. Optimising this environment is, therefore, critical in ensuring the health of both mother and baby.

Dr Evans’ current research focuses on the role of obesity-associated advanced glycation end products in uterine health and maternal-embryo communication. She is also examining the role of local exosomes in the uterine environment and how these may be altered in infertile women.

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