Simone Gibson


A/Prof Simone Gibson is the Director of Education for the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health and an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian.  As a senior lecturer in the Master of Dietetics program, she coordinates clinical nutrition and dietetics units whilst pursuing her clinical and educational research interests.

A/Prof Gibson achieved her PhD in 2015 titled "Integrating Academic and Clinical Training - Exploring Opportunities and Innovations". She is an Associate Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators and has over 20 years experience as a clinical dietitian working in public and private hospitals and in private practice. A/Prof Gibson has extensive experience in all major clinical areas including intensive care, surgery and endocrinology. She has a special interest in health professional education and research and is committed to improving health professional practice. A/Prof Gibson has presented nationally and internationally in the areas of health professional education as well as nutrition and dietetics.

A/Prof Gibson was awarded a national Teaching Excellence award in 2018 by the Australian Awards for University Teaching; and in 2017 the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence and the Dean's Award for Excellence in Education (Quality of Teaching), demonstrating her commitment to student training. She hopes to help students excel in preparation for their professional employment whilst further pursuing her research interests.

A/Prof Gibson has acheived funding of over $83,000 in prizes and grants resulting in the establishment of a student teaching clinic and various research projects including nutrition and wound healing, work-integrated learning and assessment, involving patients in student training and using online media to enhance nutritional health outcomes.

Research interests

A/Prof Gibson's current research includes investigating the impact of an evidence-based nutrition Massive Open Online Course on learning for the general public.  This research also examines how this mode of delivery addresses widespread nutrition misinformation.

Other research projects include: investigating the use of patients and public in competency based assessment in dietetic students; the philosophies of academic and work-based educators in competency assessment; teaching and learning professionalism in dietetics; what are the skills and qualities of effective work-based educators in allied health and how are they measured; and how to engage young adults in nutrition education using social media.  Clinical research areas include nutrition and venous leg ulcer healing, as well as estimating energy requirements in the aged population.

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