South East Education and Training Cluster Grants and Projects

Lead Agency Title/Project Result
7. Bayside/Alfred Ethics and Mental Health Care Conference 2009 $5,000
11. Bayside/Alfred Development of Workshop with keynote speaker for DD ‘Leaders" $3,500
16. Bayside/Alfred CAHMS Training - funding for key note speaker through MINDFUL $2,000
2. Southern Staff Trainer exchange - cost of travel, accommodation $2,500
6. Southern Funds for discipline specific days $8,000
8. Southern Development of kit and copying of CDs: Folders, Printing and Reproduction of CD $2,000
9. LRH Co-ordination of Joint IMG Audio-visual Training (Psychiatrist and Administration time - staff time only) $12,100
1. Peninsula and Latrobe Purchase of 2 licences for software development packages for each service to develop computer assisted training packages for both non-synchronous and synchronous training use. $4,500-LRH
10. Peninsula Role out of psycho-pharmacology training $2,000
14. Peninsula Gender Sensitivity and Safety: To develop a specialist women's training forum for clinicians in both inpatient and outpatient services across the cluster plus training package development. $8,000

Current Projects

Currently two projects are being finalized:

  • Development of a Psycho-pharmacology Training Package
  • Review of the Standards of Training and Development of Best PracticeTraining in South East Education and Training Cluster