Mental health aptitudes into practice

About the Mental health Aptitudes into Practice (MAP) program

All training for the MAP project was completed in 2004-2005 and no new registrations are being accepted.

This was a major state wide training program on recognition, referral and basic management of depression and anxiety for the non-medical primary care workforce, funded from the Victorian State Government ($1.5M) through beyondblue: the National Depression Initiative and which ran from 2002-2005. Seven stepped modules in the training program are designed to place depression and anxiety in context - the illness and its impacts on the person's life and the community in which they live, the role of the primary care environment, and the ways workers, organisations and systems can help people with depression and anxiety to maintain wellness and quality of life.

The project has now concluded delivery, follow up on evaluation data collection continues until all data from that collected a year following the final workshop have been processed. Evaluation findings include significant positive changes in: knowledge and skills relating to the treatment of someone with mental health problems; confidence in helping people with mental health problems; mental health literacy as judged by identification of depression or positive changes in a social distance measure and positive identification of treatments with good evidence base. This work is presently being prepared for publication.

Project team (alphabetical)

  • Zoe Dam, MAP Project Administrative support
  • Dr Amanda Favilla, Project Evaluation Research Fellow
  • Peter Frawley, Records Manager
  • Annette Graham, Research Officer
  • Jill Gray, Education Development Officer
  • John Julian, Northern Victoria Co-ordinator and Trainer
  • Prof Graham Meadows, Team Leader
  • Anna Stiller, Website Administrator

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