Clinical Services

Outline of clinical services within hospitals

Frankston Academic Unit

Colin Russell (Head)

  • Managing demand for elective surgery
  • Value of histology after routine cholecystectomy

Jonathan Serpell (Director of Surgical Research and Education)

  • Thyroid surgery data base
  • Parathyroid surgery data base
  • Parotid surgery data base
  • Lymphoma mimicking soft tissue sarcomas
  • Fine needle aspirate cytology of thyroid nodules: how useful is it?
  • Palpable parathyroid adenomas presenting as clinic solitary thyroid nodules and cytologically as follicular thyroid neoplasms
  • Radical lymph node dissection for melanoma
  • Does frozen section have a role in intra-operative management of thyroid nodules
  • Does position matter to the thyroid surgeon?
  • Optiscanning rectal mucosa

George Somjen

  • Morbidity and mortality associated with endovascular AAA stenting

Patricia Terrill

  • Evaluation of jelonet versus atraum dressing in Wolfe grafts
  • Evaluation of secondary dressings in hand surgery wounds