BMedSc(Hons) prizes

Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) Prize $1000

Awarded to the student who achieves the highest overall mark for BMedSc(Hons) at Clayton or Malaysia within each academic year.

Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) Previous Prize winners

2022 - Molly Horne
Thesis Title: Suppressive Antibiotics and the Intestinal Microbiome
Supervisors: Ian Woolley, Jillian Lau & Sam Forster

2021 - Vinay Goel
Thesis Title: Association of Breast Arterial Calcification with Cardiovascular Disease: Novel cardiovascular disease risk marker in women
Supervisors: Nitesh Nerlekar and Adam Brown

2020 - Amber Xiaofei Wang
Thesis Title: Effect of Umbilical Cord Blood Cell Therapy on Grey Matter Vascular Injury in the Growth-Restricted Fetal Brain
Supervisors: Atul Malhotra and Margie Castillo-Melendez

2019 - Gillian Lim
Thesis Title: The physiology of reflux following sleeve gastrectomy
Supervisors: Wendy Brown, Paul Burton & Geoff Hebbard

2018 - Angie Shiqi Xiang
Thesis Title: Identifying lipidomic changes associated with cold exposure and brown adipose tissue activity
Supervisors: Prof. Bronwyn Kingwell, Dr. Andrew Carey, Prof. Peter Meikle

2017 - Victoria Tan Phooi Khei (Monash University, Malaysia)
Thesis Title: An investigation into the molecular mechanisms of Parkinsons Disease
Supervisors: Prof. Ishwar Parhar and Dr. Shogo Moriya

2016 - Sasha Skinner 
Thesis Title: Experimental intra-amniotic carbon dioxide insufflation for fetal surgery
Supervisors: Dr. Ryan Hodges and Dr. Kelly Crossley

2015 - Jennifer Zhou (First Prize Winner)
Thesis Title: Cytotoxic CD8+ T cells and Dendritic Cells in Development of Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Lesions
Supervisors: Prof. Ban-Hock Toh and Prof. Alex Bobik