Program Course Co-Convenor

Jo-Anne Mazzeo, BA/LLB

Jo-Anne Mazzeo is a  practising Lawyer with over 15 years experience, with particular experience in  the following areas of law:mazzeo

  • Administrative  Law;
  • Medical  law;
  • Mental  health;
  • Disability;
  • Human  Rights;
  • Education;  and
  • Local  Government

Jo-Anne  is also a Nationally accredited Mediator, has completed a Diploma of Government  (investigations), a Certificate IV in Business and Management, a Certificate IV  in Training and Assessment and is a sessional lecturer at Latrobe University.  Jo-Anne currently works as the Principal Legal Officer for the Disability  Services Commissioner of Victoria.

Jo-Anne  is also Deputy Chair of the Patient Review Panel, a legal member of the Mental  Health Tribunal of Victoria, the Victorian Institute of Teaching Hearing Panel,  the Councillor Conduct Panel, the HIV Advisory Panel and the Disciplinary  Appeals Board of Victoria.

Prior  to her appointment as Co- Convenor, Jo-Anne was a senior legal tutor in the  medical law program.