2021 MD Direct Entry updates – Domestic students

We are adapting our current admissions procedures for 2021 entry into the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation.

You should continue to focus on your current studies and prepare for your application to the MD as you would normally. At this stage, our admissions process for domestic students is largely unchanged, with the exception of changes to our Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI), described below.

We are committed to providing an equitable admissions process for all students applying to commence our MD course in 2021. As we adapt, we will continue to take into account the unique challenges you’re facing while you plan your future studies in these challenging times. We will continue to monitor government announcements regarding travel restrictions and we may make changes as necessary. All changes reflect these exceptional circumstances and are specific to 2021 entry only. Updates will be outlined here and on our Important Dates page. MD admissions information you find in our brochures and on other Monash websites refers to our standard entry process, and may not apply for 2021 entry.


Registration and booking have now closed for 2020 and most candidates have completed their test, with the exception of a small number of Melbourne-based candidates whose tests have been delayed as a result of the recently imposed Stage 4 Lockdown. As outlined on their website, these candidates have been contacted directly by UCAT ANZ to make alternative arrangements. Monash University will be working with UCAT ANZ to ensure all candidates affected by these delays will be assessed, you do not need to contact the university.


VTAC’s confirmation that year 12 results will now be released on 30 December 2020, has meant that we have made some changes to our MMI interview process for 2021 entry in order to meet the VTAC selection round on 14 January 2021. Most interviews will now be held in mid December 2020 and selection for these interviews will be based on a ranking of applicants’ UCAT test scores only.

Importantly, a second set of interviews will be held in early January 2021. Selection for this set of interviews will be based on a combination of final year 12 aggregate scores and UCAT test scores as per the usual process. Remaining interstate and New Zealand interviews will take place in late January 2021 and selection will be based on aggregate and UCAT scores combined. Interview dates will be posted on our Important Dates page and are subject to change. Applicants should make themselves available for all published dates if they wish to remain eligible for Medicine at Monash.

Interviews will follow the same scenario-based, multi-station format, but will be conducted online via Zoom and will include 6 virtual stations instead of the normal 8 stations as in previous years. There is no additional preparation required for the interviews and applicants selected for an interview will be briefed accordingly. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview via email (please check all fail and spam email folders) and will be required to log in to an online system to self-allocate a time to attend. Once the system closes, changes will not be permitted and late requests cannot be accommodated.


For now, the most important actions to take are:

  • Focus on your year 12 studies, look after yourself and stay connected with your friends and family.
  • Monitor our website for updates about the MD admissions process including key dates

For inquiries, please contact: Monash Connect

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) If I am a Victorian applicant and was not invited to interview during the December dates, could I still be invited to the early January interviews after my ATAR results are released?


2) When will I receive my invitation to interview?

You will receive an email, however dates are still to be confirmed. For updates, please check our Important Dates page. Applicants who were not selected for an interview will not be notified. Only those applicants who attend an interview will remain eligible for an offer.

3) Are there any changes to ATAR or other entry requirements for Medicine as a result of coronavirus?

Offers will be made to the highest ranked applicants across ATAR (equivalent), UCAT and MMI scores.  There are no changes to our entry requirements.

4) What is the minimum score required for UCAT?

We do not have a minimum benchmark score for the UCAT at this stage. Applicants are assessed based only on their raw scores (not percentiles) of the 4 subtests with the SJT score used as a discriminator if required. There is no special consideration for UCAT as a result of coronavirus. For more information about UCAT, please visit their website.

5) I completed International Baccalaureate (IB), how will this affect me in the MMI interview process? The process will remain the same for IB applicants. December interview selection will still be based on your UCAT test scores only, and January interview selection will be based on your combined IB and UCAT scores.

6) What is the difference between an ATAR and an aggregate score?

ATARs are an overall rank that corresponds to a scaled aggregate score, which is a calculation using your study scores. Our selection for the January 2021 MMI interviews will be based on your aggregate score and UCAT score, as per the usual process. This means you could have the same ATAR as someone else, but a lower scaled aggregate score so that person might be selected for an interview, while you were not. Scaled aggregates are subject to change year on year, however here is the 2019 table to give you an example of the range: VTAC - 2019 Aggregate to ATAR Table.