Direct entry FAQs

What is my aggregate score compared to my ATAR score?

ATAR percentile ranks and aggregate scores are calculated by your states tertiary admissions centre, i.e. VTAC, UAC, SATAC etc. Your aggregate is the total of your scaled study scores. Aggregates are then placed on a percentile scale with intervals of 0.05, which converts the aggregates to ATARs.

Your ATAR is an overall percentile rank which reflects a student’s Year 12 achievement compared to the age group in a given year. It is not a score. It is important to note that students with the same ATAR can have different aggregate scores. It is the aggregate score that is used to assess an applicant’s eligibility for entry into medicine at Monash University, not the ATAR rank.

Please search the VTAC website to view the latest Aggregate to ATAR comparison table for Victorian students.

Example: two students with the same ATAR rank and UCAT result may not both receive an invitation to interview in January. *Please note that scores depicted below are for example purposes only and are not necessarily indicative of interview eligibility.

  • Arjun is a non-rural domestic applicant and has an ATAR of 99.10 and a UCAT test score of 2900.
  • Emma is a non-rural domestic applicant and has an ATAR of 99.10 and a UCAT test score of 2900.

Arjun’s aggregate Year 12 score was 193.57 and Emma’s aggregate score was 192.97 so her combined UCAT and aggregate scores make her overall rank lower than Arjun’s.

  • Jason is a rural applicant and qualifies for the Dean’s Rural List, having lived in an RA2-5 area for more than 5 consecutive years. He has a UCAT test score of 2750 and will be invited to interview in December. However, the outcome of his application will still depend on his combined UCAT, MMI and final aggregate Year 12 scores.

If I’m a Victorian or rural student and did not receive an invitation to interview in December, can I still be considered for an interview in January?

Yes. However, you will now be ranked on your UCAT and Year 12 aggregate score.

Will students who interview earlier in December be assessed differently for entry into medicine?

No. Once ATAR results have been released, the aggregate score for each applicant will still be combined with their MMI interview and UCAT test scores, regardless of when the applicant has been interviewed. All three scores will be combined to determine overall ranking, prior to offers being made.

What if my UCAT score is very close to the cut-off for MMI selection in December, should I remove medicine from my preferences?

If the UCAT cut-off score for MMI selection is 2900 and you get 2890 or 2885, remember that you might still be considered for an interview in January. This is because the January interviews are based on your combined UCAT and ATAR aggregate scores, so whilst you won’t make the cut-off for an interview in December, a January interview may be possible, depending on your ATAR aggregate score.
However, if your UCAT score is well below the cut-off, the chances of being interviewed in January are lowered.