Admissions Information

Additional requirements

Prerequisite requirements for Direct Entry Medicine

Just a reminder to all applicants seeking admission into the Direct Entry MD program in 2019 that the requirements for consideration are as follows:
  • Applicants must have completed Year 12 studies (or VCE equivalent) no more than two years prior, and have not commenced other studies at a tertiary level during that time.
  • Applicants must have a study score of at least 35 (out of a score of 50) in English as a Second/Additional Language (ESL/EAL) or 30 (out of a score of 50) in English, and at least 30 (out of a score of 50) in Chemistry. 
  • The minimum ATAR to be eligible is 90 but usually, a significantly higher ATAR is required due to the competitive nature of the course.
  • All applicants must have undertaken the UMAT and have achieved a minimum of 50 for each of the three sections.
  • Selection for interview will be based on a combination of the UMAT and ATAR results

Additional information regarding entry requirements

The Direct Entry Medicine program at Monash is only available to:

* current Year 12 students; or
* applicants who have completed VCE (or equivalent) within the previous two years and have not commenced tertiary studies.

Applicants who fall outside of these requirements may wish to consider Graduate Entry Medicine at Monash. Monash no longer requires that applicants apply through GEMSAS for their Graduate Entry Medicine program.  However, should you wish to increase your chances of gaining a medical place at an alternative institution that also offers Medicine, we strongly suggest that you apply VIA GEMSAs for Graduate Entry Medicine programs offered.

Prerequisites for Year 12 students

Students studying Year 12 are required to obtain a study score equivalent to at least 35 in English (EAL) or 30 in any other English and a study score of at least 30 in Chemistry in VCE (or equivalent) with the ATAR floor of 90. However, to be competitive, applicants should have an ATAR equivalent to 95 or above, have 3 A's at "A Level" study including an A for Chemistry, or have a MUFY overall score of 355 (88.75) or greater.

Students who are accepted into the program but have not completed Year 12 Biology must undertake the Biology bridging program that commences in late January each year. For further information on this program please contact:

Age Requirement

The Faculty is required to adhere to the University minimum age policy for domestic applicants which can be found online.
In addition, applicants who are under 17 years of age at the time of commencement in the course will be required to meet with the Deputy Dean (Medicine), or their representative, and may have additional enrolment requirements, such as deferral of their place, imposed upon them. Those who are allowed to enrol will also be required to attend regular meetings which are required (by law) to continue until they have turned 17.

Successful Applicants

On enrolment, a medical certificate specifying the student’s current health and immunisation status is required. Students must satisfy the immunisation requirements specified by the Faculty before undertaking clinical placements. Students will also be asked to obtain a National Police Certificate (annual requirement) and a Working with Children check on enrolment in the program. It is highly recommended that students hold or attain by the end of first semester, a current registered Level 2 or Senior First Aid Certificate.

Student Registration

All Medicine students must be registered with the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria in order to have access to clinical placements. The faculty will advise students on the procedure as part of the enrolment process.


Unfortunately, Monash University does not accept transfers into the Direct Entry Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. Students currently studying a university degree who are interested in pursuing medical studies, please view information about the Graduate Medical program that Monash University offers from the School of Rural Health, Churchill.


Applicants should note that deferrals will not be allowed except under exceptional circumstances. Requests to defer will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.