VTAC Course Codes

Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP)

VTAC Course Code 2800311231

The Direct Entry Medicine program has about 207 CSP places available each year.

Extended Rural Cohort (ERC)

VTAC Course Code 2800311261

There are a further 30 CSP places available under the Extended Rural Cohort (ERC). The ERC stream enables students to undertake extended clinical training across rural and regional Victoria. This extended rural training option is provided for students interested in practising medicine in a rural or regional location. Only Australian citizens and permanent residents only can apply.

International students are not eligible to apply for admission to the ERC stream. New Zealand Citizens are eligible to apply for the ERC cohort.

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Bonded Medical Places (BMP)

VTAC Course Code (2800311251)

The Federal Government has advised all Medical schools across Australia that approximately 28.5% of all places must be set aside as bonded places. Upon accepting an offer for a Bonded Medical Place, the student will be required to sign a contract with the Commonwealth Government.

Students accepting Bonded Medical Places will be required, at the end of their training (including their specialisation period), to practice in a designated area of medical need for a period of three (3) years. An area of medical need will be a district of workforce shortage as defined by the Australian Government

International students are not eligible for the BMP scheme.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a New Zealand citizen and have an Australian Permanent Resident Visa, you are eligible for a BMP Scheme place. Special Category Visas are not considered permanent resident visas for the purposes of the scheme. For further information regarding your residency status, please phone 1800 987 104 (Free Call)

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International Fee Paying

VTAC Course Code 2800311233

The Direct Entry Medicine program for onshore international students has about 71 full fee places available each year.