Graduate Entry Rural Scheme

Rural Eligibility for Graduate Entry Medicine applicants

The Federal Government requires 27.5% of students in medical programs to come from a rural area within Australia.

To be considered rural for the purposes of selection into Medicine, applicants must have resided (according to principal home address) for at least 5 years consecutively or 10 years cumulatively in an area or areas classified as RA 2-5 since birth (ASGS-RA: Australian Standard Geographic Classification - Remoteness Areas). The RA classification of many towns can be checked by consulting the Doctor Connect website.

Applicants for the Graduate Entry Medicine program at Monash will be encouraged to submit further information about their rural background if they feel that they meet the rural eligibility requirements as outlined above.

Applicants who have resided in the Gippsland region based on the postcodes listed are also encouraged to provide additional details about their residential background via this form for further assessment for interview and SJT.

Once applications have closed, all applicants will be sent email correspondence which will provide the relevant information and links to the DRL application form.

Failure to do so could result in a missed opportunity to be invited to interview.