Information for new and future interviewers

We are always keen to recruit new people as volunteers for the faculty interviews that are conducted for the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) course.

Volunteers do not need to have a medical or health background but do need good communication skills and the ability to use an iPad. We need interviewers from a broad cross-section of the community and run mandatory two-hour training sessions for all new interviewers so you will be well prepared for our MMIs.

Due to the nature of the MMI process, all interviewers will be required to agree to and sign an Interviewer Confidentiality statement and Code of Conduct statement at training or prior to your first interview day. Copies of these agreements are shown here.  If you feel you may have a conflict in participating, please contact us directly prior to registering your interest in the interview process to discuss further.  Important Note: If you are in any way involved in coaching and/or advising future applicants with regards to medicine interviews, this is seen as a conflict and you will not be able to register to participate.

If you are interested in volunteering as an interviewer, you will need to register your interest here and to be able to attend mandatory interviewer training in early November.

When will I be contacted about participating in the process if I am interested?

Once you have expressed your interest, you will be contacted via email and asked to attend training in early November.  All details will be forwarded to you.

Interviewer training

Training will be held at the Clayton campus at the following times and will run for approximately 2 hours;

  • Wednesday 6th November - either 12pm or 6pm
  • Thursday 7th November - either 12pm or 6pm
  • Friday 8th November - 12pm
  • Monday 11th November - 12pm or 6pm
  • Tuesday 12th November - if required

What kind of commitment do I have to give as an interviewer?

The bulk of our interviews are held in the first and second week of January 2020 so apart from attending a training session, we ask volunteers to participate in actual interviews during this time. Each day of our scheduled interviews has a morning and afternoon session. The morning sessions are from 7.15 am to 1 pm and the afternoon sessions are at 1 pm and go through to 5.30 pm

Once you have undertaken your training, we will ask you to nominate the times you are available to participate in the MMI process. The amount of time you are available to give is completely up to you. We appreciate any time you can volunteer during our interview time frames.

Contact us

If you have any further queries, please send us an email.