VESPA - Vertically Enhanced Study Program Approach

VESPA - Vertically Enhanced Study Program Approach

VESPA first came into existence in 2008 when a group of  medical students decided that there was value in bringing together medical  students from all year levels, to study together, in line with the vertically  integrated MBBS curriculum at Monash University. It built on a previous  program, Study Buddy, where Years 1 & 2 students were grouped together and  met regularly to study topics of their choice. Many of these groups persisted  beyond the pre-clinical years, there was clearly a desire for organised, case-based  learning;

VESPA case nights

Currently VESPA case nights are run five times a year; three  times in first semester and twice in second semester. Students from all  five (six including BMedSc) year levels work together on a case or series of  cases where everyone has the opportunity to contribute their knowledge. The  VESPA student committee co-ordinates the case nights, from developing the cases  for use, to ensuring the logistics of the event run smoothly. The student  committee is supported by Dr Paula Loveland (case content) and Dr Joanna Tai  (logistics), with oversight from Dr Sheila Vance from SASU.


The last case night of the year takes the form of an OSCE,  aimed at a Year 3 level, where Year 1 & 2  students act as simulated patients, while Years 4 & 5 act as “examiners”  and give feedback to the Year 3 students.

VESPA case nights dates for 2021

Case nights

  • VESPA Case Night 1: Tuesday 9 March
  • VESPA Case Night 2: Monday 12 April
  • VESPA Case Night 3: Monday 10 May
  • VESPA Case Night 4: Monday 2 August

OSCE Night - Monday 4 October

The link to register for a VESPA session will be available on Moodle and Facebook two to three weeks prior to the night.

For any queries regarding the VESPA program, please email