Dr Belinda Lewis

PhD, BAppSci(Hons), BSci, DipEducation

Senior Lecturer

Telephone:+61 3 9904 4469
Email: belinda.lewis@monash.edu


Belinda holds a PhD and Honours degree in Health Promotion from Deakin University and a Bachelor of Science and Postgraduate Diploma in Education from Melbourne University, Australia. She has worked as a researcher, practitioner and health promotion consultant with a wide range of government, NGO, professional and community organisations. These include community health services, local governments, health advocacy groups, environmental protection activists, Royal Women's Hospital, VICFIT, Heart Foundation, Diabetes Australia, Cancer Council and the Victorian Government Department of Human Services. She is a member of the Australian Health Promotion Association and the Public Health Association of Australia.

Belinda has also worked in a range of international settings on key global health issues. She collaborates with researchers in Indonesia (Bali, Java, West Timor), Sri Lanka, Turkey and Canada to research:

  • health promotion and health communication
  • communication for social change
  • cultural politics of health
  • community recovery after crisis, disasters & conflict;
  • community capacity building
  • disability, diversity and discrimination;
  • maternal and child health
  • sexual and reproductive health
  • drugs, prisons and rehabilitation
  • abolition of the death penalty
  • peace-building and violence prevention

Her work is published widely in Australia and internationally. She is an active participant in media interviews, features, public speaking and community workshops covering aspects of her research. Belinda has authored 3 books. The most recent, in 2015, is co-authored with Jeff Lewis (Professor of Media and Cultural Studies, RMIT University) is:

Book Cover

Health Communication: A Media and Cultural Studies Approach
Belinda Lewis and Jeff Lewis (2015),Palgrave Macmillan, London.
ISBN: 9780230298323.

UK, Europe, Asia, US, Canada:

Research interests

Expertise: Qualitative research using a range of methods. Action research and community-based participatory research. Belinda’s collaborative research has forged innovative links between the disciplines of public health and media/cultural studies.

  • Health    promotion
  • Health    communication: participatory and culture-centred approaches
  • Participatory    media practice: community media, online communities, arts/popular culture,    entertainment-education, activism, advocacy;
  • Media, culture and public    health
  • Cultural    politics of health
  • Community    empowerment and capacity building
  • International    health and development: socio-cultural transition; crisis, conflict and    disasters; recovery and community sustainability; migration and mobility;    political conflict and violence prevention
  • Sexual    and reproductive health
  • Drugs, prisons and rehabilitation
  • Inter-professional    Education

Belinda’s recent research has focused on the cultural politics of health in communities experiencing conflict, insecurity and rapid social change. Her current projects in Eastern Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara Timur), Java and Bali, are exploring community sustainability and health issues associated with development, tourism, mining and other resource exploitation.

TeachingBelinda is a Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion who teaches across the departments of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Emergency Health and more widely across the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. She led a team developing the Health Promotion course for women students of Occupational Therapy at Princess Nora University, Saudi Arabia (2014) and Fatima College of Health Sciences, United Arab Emirates (2012). At Monash, Belinda has a key role in developing curriculum, presenting guest lectures, professional development, and teaching in:

  • health promotion,
  • health communication,
  • media and health
  • foundations of health in primary clinical care,
  • community partnerships and capacity building
  • participatory community practice
  • inter-professional education.

Belinda has also been a regular facilitator of professional short courses on health communication, media and health, and health promotion on request to a range of organisations.  She also presents public lectures and facilitates workshops with community and activist groups.

Higher degree supervision

Belinda is a fully accredited Research Supervisor. She provides postgraduate degree supervision in the above list of research interests and related areas. She has successfully supervised PhD, Masters and Honours research candidates.

Belinda’s current and past PhD and Masters research candidate supervisions/examinations include:

  • Afghan refugee women’s health    during pregnancy and early parenting in Australia
  • Rehabilitation services in    developing countries,
  • HIV/AIDS prevention in Vietnam,
  • Freedom of the press in    Indonesia
  • Physical activity and health during pregnancy and postpartum.

Honours supervisions and examinations include:

  • Improving services for    injecting drug users in Indonesia,
  • Development, tourism and    cultural transition in Rote, NTT, Indonesia
  • Health promoting women’s    prisons in Victoria, Australia
  • Martial arts programs to    improve mental health for young people
  • Social media and body image
  • Assistive Technologies, Clients    with Motor Neurone Disease and their Caregivers: A Qualitative Study

Recent Publications


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Book Chapters

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Refereed Journal Articles

Refereed journal articles are grouped under key research themes: i) media, culture, crisis and community health, and ii) interprofessional education in primary health care

Culture, crisis and community health

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  12. Interprofessional education in primary health care

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Media and public engagement

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Book Cover

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