Project Team

Brett Williams

Associate Professor Brett Williams

Brett Williams is Director of Education in the Paramedic Department at Monash University, and is one of the pioneering paramedics to enter academia. He is internationally recognised as a prolific writer in paramedicine teaching and learning with over 100 peer-reviewed publications. He has been the recipient of multiple teaching awards including an Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) award for Teaching Excellence, and Citation for outstanding contributions to student learning in 2011.

Ted Brown

Associate Professor Ted Brown

Dr Ted Brown is an Associate Professor in the Monash University Department of Occupational Therapy. He is also postgraduate coordinator, undergraduate program coordinator, and first year undergraduate coordinator in the Monash Bachelor of Occupational Therapy course. Ted completed his Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with honours from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 1986. He went on to complete a Master of Public Administration and a Master of Science in rehabilitation from the same university. Ted worked as an occupational therapist at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Canada's only officially bilingual (English and French) paediatric hospital, for 14 years. After completing his PhD in Occupational Therapy from the University of Queensland, Ted migrated from Canada to Australia in 2002. Ted has had 160 peer-reviewed journal publications and 10 book chapters published to date. His research interests include:

Lisa McKenna

Professor Lisa McKenna

Lisa graduated as a registered nurse in 1986, and as a midwife in 1989. She completed tertiary degrees in education, and received a PhD in 2005 for a study exploring clinical educators' roles in nursing education. She has been employed in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Peninsula campus since 1995, where she has assumed many education roles, including leading curriculum development, convening courses, and overseeing development and delivery of undergraduate programs in the School. She has taught and coordinated units in a number of different programs, including the Bachelor of Nursing, the Bachelor of Midwifery, the Graduate Diploma in Health Professional Education, the Master of Nursing, and the Master of Clinical Midwifery. Lisa engages in a range of education-related research, in areas including interprofessional education (IPE), clinical education, professional socialisation, midwifery and nursing education. Outcomes from her research directly inform her classroom teaching activity.
Malcolm Boyle

Dr Malcolm Boyle

Dr Boyle is a senior lecturer at Monash University – Department of Community Emergency Health & Paramedic Practice. Primary teaching areas of trauma systems, prehospital trauma management, management of medical conditions in the prehospital setting, and evidence-based paramedic practice.  Dr Boyle completed a PhD looking at triage and error detection in prehospital trauma management. Primary research interests include prehospital trauma triage, prehospital trauma management, the linking of ambulance datasets to other health related datasets and subsequent analysis, workplace violence and its effects, and attributes of undergraduate paramedic and allied health students. Dr Boyle has published a range of research articles on prehospital clinical practice and paramedic education in a variety of international scientific journals

Claire Palermo

Dr Claire Palermo

Claire works as a lecturer with the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University. She has background in community and public heath nutrition and as such coordinates the undergraduate teaching and learning in this area.  Her PhD evaluated a mentoring intervention for public health nutrition workforce development.  Claire's research interest includes assessment of economic food access and nutrition and dietetics learning and teaching strategies. She has recently been award an Australian Learning and Teaching Council grant to develop valid and reliable competence assessment in nutrition and dietetics and a grant from the Centre for Excellence in Intervention and Prevention Science to monitor the effect on food cost for the Victorian government preventative health initiative.
Elizabeth Molloy

Associate Professor Elizabeth Molloy

A/Prof Elizabeth Molloy is director of the HealthPEER team in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University. Elizabeth co-ordinates the Masters in Health Professional Education. She provides curricular consultation and professional development workshops and has published research on feedback in clinical education, professional transitions and the role of practitioners and university based educators in facilitating active student learning.  In 2009 she co-edited a book with Elsevier entitled "Clinical education in the health professions" targeting a multi professional audience, and is now working on a book on "Effective Feedback in Higher and Professional Education" with Routledge. She has a clinical background as a physiotherapist and worked as Team Physiotherapist for the Australian Athletics Team for seven years.
Debra Nestel

Professor Debra Nestel

Debra Nestel is Professor of Medical Education, Gippsland Medical School, Monash University. After completing an Arts Degree at Monash, Debra spent the next twenty-five years at the University of Hong Kong and Imperial College London. In 2008, Debra returned to Monash where she is responsible for educational research and programmatic evaluation in a medical curriculum. Her research interests include the role of simulation in the development of clinical skills. Debra has over one hundred peer reviewed publications in the field of clinical communication and simulation based education.
Jill French

Ms Jill French

Jill French is a senior lecturer in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Monash University.  Jill has worked at Monash for many years and has been responsible for clinical nursing units within the Bachelor of Nursing and the Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Emergency Health (Paramedic) double degree.  This year Jill was appointed the course co-ordinator of the new Bachelor of Nursing (Community Health) and the Berwick Campus.  Her research interests include peer-assisted learning, communication skills and simulation.

Our team would like to acknowledge the important   contribution Jill French made to this and many other projects on which   we have worked with her. Sadly, Jill passed away in September 2012 after   a short illness.

Louise McCall

Associate Professor Louise McCall

Louise McCall is Director of the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) at Monash University. Trained in the fields of nursing, medical pedagogy, economics and business administration, Louise was awarded her PhD in medical education by Monash in 2002. In the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), Louise has oversight of major academic projects, strategic and policy development, and management of stakeholder relationships. She provides strategic advice to senior management to ensure that Monash continues to attract high quality students and maintain its reputation for learning and teaching excellence. Louise was Deputy Dean (Education) in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash. Her research areas of interest include how clinical placement experiences affect the career choices of students across a range of health disciplines, professional behaviour and interprofessional education. Louise is the author of many journal articles and conference papers in education research and has also completed several consultancies to evaluate educational interventions. Her current research is exploring the impact of mental health on student academic performance. Louise is passionate about medical and health professions education and has particularly through her work with the Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educato

Caroline Wright

Caroline Wright

Caroline is the Course Convenor for the Graduate Entry Master of Medical Radiations (Radiation Therapy) at Monash University. Caroline's research interests include fitness to practise, clinical assessment, student selection and curriculum development for advanced practice roles in radiation therapy. Caroline has served on the Professional Education and Accreditation Board (PAEB) of the Australian Institute of Radiography and was previously a member of the Medical Radiation Practitioners Board of Victoria Education Committee. Caroline is currently a member of the Accreditation Committee of the Australian Medical Radiations Sciences Accreditation Council. Caroline is a member of the Editorial Review Board for 'The Radiographer' and the 'Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice'. Caroline is currently enrolled as a PhD student in the Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences, with the theme of her research being fitness to practise in Radiation Therapy.
Prue Morgan

Prue Morgan

Prue Morgan is the Head of Department and Neurology Senior Lecturer in the Physiotherapy department at Monash University. She has led curriculum design and development for the neurology component of this new undergraduate physiotherapy program. Prue has more than 25 years of clinical experience in the area of neurology practice, having previously held senior clinical positions at Monash Medical Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Kingston Centre. She is currently working on research exploring factors impacting mobility and balance decline in adults with cerebral palsy, and contributing to a range of educational research initiatives within the Bachelor of Physiotherapy.
Professor Karen Stagnitti

Deakin University

Professor Karen Stagnitti

Karen Stagnitti graduated with a Bachelor degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Queensland. In 2003 she graduated from LaTrobe University with a Doctor of Philosophy. She has over 30 years experience working as a paediatric OT. Since 2005 she has been at Deakin University teaching and researching in the occupational science and therapy program. She is first editor of Oxford's Clinical Fieldwork Placement for Health Professional students. Karen has 60 national and international papers as well as 13 book chapters. She currently works as Professor, Personal Chair at the School of Health and Social Development at Deakin University, Victoria.
Susan Gilbert-Hunt

University of South Australia

Susan Gilbert-Hunt

Ms Gilbert Hunt is the Occupational Therapy Program Director within the School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia and joint Interprofessional Learning Lead in the Division of Health Sciences. Ms Gilbert Hunt is well recognized for her commitment and achievements in teaching and learning. She received a 2007 Carrick Citation for sustained commitment in innovative curriculum development that fosters student ability to work autonomously in addressing the needs of target community groups and, in 2008, received the prestigious Australian Learning and Teaching Council Award for teaching excellence in the area of work integrated learning. Together with the other Interprofessional Learning Leads, Ms Gilbert Hunt is developing the curriculum for interprofessional learning across twelve discipline groups.
Susan Gilbert-Hunt

Edith Cowan University

Associate Professor Richard Brightwell

Richard is Coordinator of Paramedical Programs at Edith Cowan University, Perth, where he developed the undergraduate Paramedical Science Degree in consultation with the staff at St John Ambulance WA. A member of Paramedics Australasia, he has served on the PA Board since 2007. Richard is passionate about the role of paramedics in Australian health care. He represents PA as; The Chair of the Australasian College of Paramedicine; an executive member of NAPA; a member of the CAA National Accreditation and Ambulance Education Committees; and as a representative on various HWA and other government committees. He currently holds an ALTC grant to develop international standards for paramedics and a WA Health Department grant to research Paramedic referral to care as a possible solution to ramping.


We would like to acknowledge the following who have contributed to this project:

Dale Wickberg (Filming and Projection Consultant)
Tanya Edlington (Workshop Facilitator)
David Stephens (Data Entry)
Louise Sparks (Clinician)
Peter Kutschera (Clinician)
Sam Sevenhuysen (Clinician)
Janeane Dart (Clinician)
James Black (Clinician)
Michael Williams (Clinician)
Elizabeth Rowland (Clinician)
Alex Olaussen (Clinician)
Karin Muiznieks (Actor)
Sue Willey (Clinician)
Monica O'Halloran (Clinician)
Prue Morgan (Clinician)
Corey Anderson (Clinician)
Josh Fielding (Actor)
Hendrik Gurtwirth (Clinician)
Matt Fielding (Actor)
Laura Jolliffe (Clinician)
Leigh Nichols-Thompson (Clinician)
Damien Dambrosi (Clinician)
Auntie Diane Kerr (Actor)
Kristal Lee (Clinician)
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Kristin Lo (Clinician)