1st Paramedic Conference, Jordan: Prospects for Future Paramedics (December 2015)

In December 2015 the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) and the DCEHPP jointly hosted the 1st paramedic conference in Jordan.  The conference titled:  Prospects for Future Paramedics was a gathering of over 200 delegates from Jordan, Australia and other Middle Eastern countries.  The two-day conference included keynote presentations from Dr Paul Jennings, Assoc Prof Brett Williams and current PhD scholar from JUST Mr Alaa Oteir.  A number of other presentations were provided by medical experts from Jordan and Civil Ambulance.  Other activities during the two-day conference included workshops on spinal immobilisation, introduction to evidence-based practice and performing literature reviews.  The conference concluded with a large-scale simulation that included members from Civil Ambulance, Police, Military services, and JUST paramedic students.  Plans for the 2nd Paramedic Conference at JUST are well underway for December 2016.