Short courses

For over 15 years the Department of Community Emergency Health and Paramedic Practice (DCEHPP) has offered a range of first responder and paramedic programs; from short courses to PhD level qualifications.  We are an international leader in this field and are supported by an institution that is now ranked in the top 100 of world universities according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.  We are based in Melbourne, Australia but have strong connections both nationally and internationally where we strive to collaborate with our partners, professionalise the discipline, continuously improve our standards and shape the future of first responder and prehospital care programs.

The DCEHPP delivers short courses, undergraduate and postgraduate courses to students currently working in, or planning employment in ambulance and community based emergency health settings.  Our suite of short courses (or modules) listed herein has been developed to meet the initial training and/or on-going professional development requirements of many organisations and students in ambulance and community based emergency health settings.  Each short course can be tailored to your local needs, and have been developed with this in mind.  Our teaching staff are highly competent and can adopt flexible teaching styles to suit different learning styles and approaches.  We can provide short courses on a date and location of your choice.

Other professional development short courses can be developed to meet your requirements on a range topic areas.


Our short courses are listed (or categorised) according to the following five domains of learning:

Professional Development Short courses brochure

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