Simon Sawyer


Simon Sawyer is a paramedic lecturer and PhD candidate from Monash University  and he works as an ALS paramedic in Geelong, Victoria. Simon’s PhD is on the  topic of the paramedic response to intimate partner violence and aims to create  the world’s first evidence based protocol for paramedics to recognise and refer  intimate partner violence patients.


Clinical  concepts of paramedic practice.


Research  interests

Intimate  partner violence, paramedic education, educational scale development

Conference  Presentations / Awards


  • Australian Postgraduate Award - $26,288
  • The 2016 Emergency Management Conference -  Preventing and reducing the impacts of intimate partner violence: Opportunities  for Australian ambulance and emergency services, oral presentation 40 minutes  (July 2016, Melbourne)


  • DCEHPP 6th annual research symposium – The  role of Australian ambulance services in responding to intimate partner  violence, oral presentation 15 minutes (Melbourne)


  • 2012 Paramedics Australasia Conference -  Are Australian paramedics prepared for intimate partner violence?, poster  presentation – 1st Prize winner
  • 2012 Student Paramedics Australasia  Conference - Are Australian paramedics prepared for intimate partner violence?  A pilot study, poster presentation - 2nd Prize $400


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