Adjunct A/Prof Mick Stephenson

Mick Stephenson is an intensive care paramedic (MICA) and  member of the executive team at Ambulance Victoria. He has a background in  intensive care nursing, sales and marketing, and human resources. He has been a  paramedic since 1996 and a MICA paramedic since 1999. His involvement with  Monash began in the early 2000s as a sessional lecturer in the GDEH (MICA) and  Research Adjunct with the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Research  Centre (ANZIC-RC), which he has continued until today. Mick’s interests lay in  in the value of systematic patient assessment, algorithmic care and research in  the pre hospital environment. He has contributed to a number of prominent  clinical trials as a co-author and steering committee member. These include  research in the areas of cardiac arrest management, post resuscitation care,  the potential harms of hyperoxemia in myocardial infarction and post cardiac  arrest resuscitation, trauma systems and severe traumatic brain injury.  He is a member of the Australia-India Trauma  System Collaboration which is working towards to the reduction of trauma  morbidity and mortality in India. In 2015 he was honoured in the Australia Day  Awards for his services to ambulance through clinical improvements and has been  a runner up in the Australian Clinical Trials Association clinical trial of the  year award for his and his colleagues work into the effects of hyperoxemia in  those with ST elevation MI.


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