Craig Taylor


Telephone: +61 3 9904 4556

Facsimile: +61 3 9904 4168



Craig Taylor is new Lecturer to Monash University in a full time capacity for the Department of Community Emergency Health & Paramedic Practice, Craig has been a paramedic for 26 years. The last 11 years an Intensive Care Paramedic.

Craig's career as an Intensive Care Paramedic has led him work successfully across a broad spectrum of fields for International Corporations.

Originally from Sydney his journey began with the ASNSW and after 16yrs took opportunities to expand his scope leading to work on CBS Survivor (4yrs), Fisher & Pykel Healthcare (Respiratory Device tech/sales). The last 5yrs in QLD Mines (BHP, BMA, Thiess, Peabody, Wesfarmers) primarily as Intensive Care Paramedic and Mines Rescue Team Leader, also supportive roles in H&S teams, Drug & Alcohol testing, Rehabilitation & Return to Work co-ordination and Training Teams (Rescue, 1st Aid & Inductions).


  • Associate Teaching at Monash for DCEPP Sessionals S2 2015
  • Lecturer Paramedic Management of Mental Health 2016

Research  Interests

  • Cardiology
  • Trauma
  • Paramedic Mental Health
  • Paramedic Safety
  • Medical Devices
  • Pre-Hospital Extended Care & Remote Area Paramedicine