Drew Teese

Advanced Life Support, Ambulance Victoria

  • B. Biomedical Science (majoring in pharmacology) and a Diploma ofLanguages (German).
  • Honours project with the School of Languages, including a 6-monthscholarship to live and study in Berlin at the Freie Universität Berlin.
  • B. Emergency Health (Paramedic), at Monash Peninsula campus – whereI have now returned to on the teaching side.

After7 years of formal study, I’ve been fortunate in my education leading me tofurther opportunities, which have included:

  • Private work as part of the team servicing the horseracing meetsaround Victoria;
  • Training the MFB and CFA recruits as part of their EMR program,and;
  • Becoming a sessional teaching associate for the paramedicundergraduate course where I studied

I’vereally enjoyed the journey so far – long as it was – and look forward to seeingwhere my training will take me and the challenges that teaching will bring.