Summer and Winter Research Scholarship Program

The summer and winter research scholarships aim to provide you with:

*    experience in an area of research
*    an insight into future opportunities within research
*    encouragement to pursue a career in research or academia.

If successful, you will take part in research-related activities. Projects run over the winter or summer break. If you're interested in furthering your studies through an honours program or a career in research, this program is a great option to get ahead over your holidays.
Application information can be found here.

2013/14 Summer Scholars program

Paramedic Scholarship program

L to R – Linda Ross (Lecturer), Shelley Ngo, James Fowler, Kate Hardy, Sam Perillo, Mariah McClounan, Dr Paul Jennings (Director of Research & Deputy Head of Department) & Assoc Prof Brett Williams (Head of Department)



Jessica Bertucci

Pathway to Paramedicine Program Perspectives

James Fowler

Can Peer-assisted Teaching Improve Clinical    Examination Scores?

Kate Hardy

Is Peer-assisted Teaching and Learning an    Effective Approach in Paramedic Education?  A four-year longitudinal    study

Mariah McClounan -

How Effective is Video Debriefing using Eye    Tracking Glasses in Paramedic and Nursing Education?

Shelley Ngo

- National Drug and Alcohol Mapping Project

Sam Perillo

- What are the Barriers to Learning Evidence    Based Practice?

2014/15 Summer Scholars program



Mr Tristan Adams

Implications of methamphetamine prevalence on    paramedic practice.

Miss Meagan Swannell

Pre Hospital CPAP for the management of acute    exacerbations of COPD

Miss Kate Hodgson

A systematic review of suicide prevalence in    emergency service personnel

Miss Sarah Finlay

The Health Enhancement and Longevity Project

Ms Laura Wirth

Decision making in the withholding or    cessation of resuscitation in OOHCA

Miss Jane Jee Yeon Song

Can simulated patients teach clinical skills?

Ms Priya Reddy

Near-peer teaching in paramedic education.

Miss Samantha Davis

What is the most effective tool to measure    simulation?

Mr James Morse

Deterioration of CPR competency in paramedic    students: how long is too long between refreshers?

Ms Lisa Davenport

Adverse outcomes from midazolam use in    agitated patients

2015/16 Summer Scholars program



Ashleigh Delorenzo and Jeremy Abetz

Blood pressure changes during ascent/descent    during fixed wing aeromedical flights

Sarah Holt

The success and safety of HEMS paramedic    arterial line insertion

Victor Ge

What is the association between synthetic    marijuana use and seizure disorder?

Melanie Burns

What resources are required to transport    patients with alcohol related issues?

Fernando Thiruni

Association between mental illness and    alcohol-related attendances by paramedics

Jesse Shapiro

Aspects of Workplace Violence

Erin Burge

What are the most appropriate prehospital    sedatives for the management of amphetamine OD

Sophia Kabidi

An evaluation of the value of embedding    volunteer activity into paramedic education

2016/17 Summer Scholars program



Sarah Butler

What are the lumbar movement patterns for    paramedic students on placement

Jacinta Waack

Delayed Sequence Intubation by Victorian    Intensive Care Flight Paramedics, a safe and effective approach?

Nicholas Moffatt

An examination of the value of practice    interviews for graduating paramedic students

Ashleigh Delorenzo

Which patient cohorts have Rapid Sequence    Intubation (RSI) in the pre-hospital setting

Alannah Agius

Emergency responder program - What is the    efficacy of this resource

Emma Thornton

Are empathy and burnout correlated?