Current Paramedicine students


ashleyBachelor of Paramedicine

Deciding to move from Tasmania to study this course at Monash University, has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life. The course has exceeded my expectations. It is run by highly trained staff who are qualified paramedics, even up to MICA level, enabling them to share personal experiences and give a real insight into what being a paramedic is all about.

The wide variety of opportunities to learn; with lectures, tutorials, practical classes, laboratory classes, online resources and clinical placement with Ambulance Victoria, enables you to learn all the vital information required in becoming the best paramedic that you can.

It has been a truly remarkable experience for me so far and I would recommend Monash University to anyone who has a genuine interest in helping people in a pre-hospital setting and learning to truly love the role paramedics play in the community.


caitlinBachelor of Paramedicine

The course is great, constantly challenging you to learn new things. I really enjoy the variety in what you learn and having qualified paramedics with real experience teaching you. The university puts a large emphasis on understanding the pathophysiology of different diseases, which assists students in understanding why they undertake certain interventions.

As part of the course you have the opportunity to participate in a variety of ambulance and hospital placements, in both metropolitan and regional areas. These placements are extremely useful when it comes to learning about the day to day role of a paramedic. This includes practicing a wide variety of skills and becoming more familiar with equipment. I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in health care and helping the community.


rBachelor of Paramedicine

The amount of extra resources and skills the course provides you with is unbelievable. Meeting working paramedics and engaging with them is one of the most beneficial parts of your placement. It really gives an insight to life on the job.
Practical classes give such a supporting environment to learn in, and the small group, hands on classes are perfect for developing your skills. The lecturers are extremely open and welcoming. The knowledge provided is always first class and I believe the paramedics thoroughly enjoy teaching the new generations through the years.

Undoubtedly I love the sense of belonging this course provides me with. Nothing is more fulfilling or welcoming than knowing you will someday provide for those around you, security, assistance, and a person to trust. Even now as a student, each time out on placement, people will always believe in you and entrust their lives to your skills and knowledge. The course itself works towards bettering yourself and the future of Ambulance Victoria.


MatthewBachelor of Paramedicine

What I have really embraced about this degree, is that the university appreciates the fact that early clinical placements are very valuable in setting up the student for the rest of the course. I’ve particularly enjoyed the more intimate feel between lecturers and students due to the class size. The course evenly balances the theoretical and practical aspects. Both are well taught in correlation with practical sessions every week with experienced paramedics, which includes reviewing each week of new content. This is done in a challenging and supportive environment with other students in your cohort who will eventually become some of your very good friends. I highly recommend this degree to any student who is motivated, willing to go outside their comfort zone and adaptable to enter a course that is highly regarded, expansive and extremely rewarding.


SarahBachelor of Paramedicine

The course not only focuses on the clinical skills paramedics require, but also other vital skills such as communication, problem solving and decision making in emergency situations. There are also numerous opportunities to pursue areas you might be interested in such as teaching or research.

The staff that teach the course either currently are, or were paramedics, which gives the theoretical side substance and application to real life. There is a good balance between theoretical and scenario based learning, allowing for application of the knowledge taught. We do a lot of Ambulance Victoria, Hospital and Special School placements throughout the degree, providing you with a real perspective of what it’s like to work as a Paramedic dealing with different patients and situations. Overall this is a challenging, but rewarding degree that prepares you to work as a Paramedic where every day is different and comes with its own challenges.

I would highly recommend this degree to anyone wanting to pursue a career as a paramedic.


TylerBachelor of Paramedicine

There have been many aspects of the course at Monash that I have thoroughly enjoyed. The depth of clinical knowledge taught in lectures and tutorials, followed by application in the scenario-based practical sessions, allows for a more effective learning experience. Small class sizes in the practical components of the course support an intimate learning environment that enables ample hands-on participation and opportunities to ask questions. All of the teaching staff are very approachable and there are fully equipped practical skills labs readily available for self-directed learning. Most importantly, the knowledge and skills that I have acquired while attending Monash have prepared me to enter the workforce in the exciting and rewarding profession of paramedics.


VincentBachelor of Paramedicine

Since beginning my university studies to become a paramedic, I have grown to appreciate the extremely supportive and friendly environment of the course and the department. As the course is held in most part on a small campus, a welcoming and familiar environment is fostered between student and staff alike. Every effort is made to connect us to the industry we are aspiring to join through frequent clinical placements and constant interaction with tutors who are all practicing paramedics in the field. This course is challenging in both its theoretical and practical components, yet immensely rewarding. I would recommend this course to those who are motivated, up for a challenge and looking for an immensely rewarding career on the front line of healthcare.