Ms Josefine Antoniades


PhD Student,
Department of General Practice


PhD Title: Investigating depression and health seeking behaviours among Sri-Lankan-Australians and Anglo-Australians

Supervisors: Dr Bianca Brijnath and Prof. Danielle Mazza


Josephine completed her BSc (Hons) in Psychology in 2010 and has worked on research projects at Monash University in the School of Psychology and Psychiatry and in the Department of General Practice for the past 4.5 years. She is currently in the second year of her PhD with the Department of General Practice. The aim of her research is to explore, using qualitative methods, how culture influences and modulates the conceptualisation of depression and health-seeking behaviors in members of the Sri Lankan diaspora and what differences (if any) there are from the mainstream Anglo-Australian community. Josephine has recently completed over 30 in-depth interviews with individuals from Sri-Lankan and Anglo-Australian backgrounds living with depression and 5 focus groups with members of the Anglo-Australian community. Josephine presented an integrated review of depression treatment in immigrant populations at the Primary Care Research and Information Service (PHCRIS) Conference which was held this year in Sydney. She is currently supported by an Australian Postgraduate Award.