Dr Ron Schweitzer



Telephone: +61 9902 4489
Email: Ronald.Schweitzer@monash.edu


Dr. Ronald Schweitzer is a general practitioner and lecturer / tutor at the Monash University for the Year 2 and Year 4 undergraduate medical students in the Department of General Practice.

Ron has been working as a GP in the area since 1984. He has been having Monash Medical students at his practice since around 1990, and from around 2002 became a tutor in the department for first and second year medical students. He joined the department as a lecturer in 2013 where his duties extended to being a fourth year tutor.

Ron has done extra training in counselling and is a member of the Australian Association of Family Therapists. He has a special interest in the area of domestic violence and is member of No To Violence.

Since 1993 Ron has been involved in running the Men’s Responsibility Group, a group for men who are violent and abusive to their partners and / or children via the MonashLink Community Health Service. Ron has presented extensively on domestic violence both in Australia and overseas and has written articles on the subject.