Dr Lyle Turner



Lyle specialises in the use of routinely collected health  data to inform health service delivery, policy and research. He is currently Manager  of the Data and Research Unit at the Institute of urban Indigenous Health  (IUIH) in Brisbane, which leads the planning, development and delivery of  comprehensive primary health care services to the Indigenous population of  South East Queensland (SEQ).

In 2013 Lyle joined the Department as lead biostatistician on  the Monash East Melbourne General Practice Database (MAGNET) and associated  projects. During his time within the department, he helped establish facilitate  access to the data platform, and was involved in a variety of related research  around chronic disease management, the relationship between primary and acute  care, implementation of clinical guidelines, and GP prescribing behaviour. He  has published over 25 peer-reviewed articles and has presented at both national  and international conferences. He has a diverse background that is grounded in  quantitative research, and has been involved in projects around health services  delivery (City University London), environmental epidemiology and public health  (QUT). He has a strong interest in the use and linkage of routinely collected datasets  to inform health policy, and in the relationships between environmental  exposure and health. Lyle continues to be involved in the development of the  MAGNET platform.

Researcher Profile