Current Students

Visiting Scholars

Liesbeth Hunik
Visiting Scholar from Radboud University, The Netherlands

Supervisors : Dr. Liz Sturgiss (Monash University) and Dr. Tim Olde Hartman (Radboud University)

Project title: ‘Using the Working Alliance Inventory in Australian general practice: a cross-sectional quantitative study.’

In primary care, the doctor-patient relationship is very important because it influences health outcomes. The Working Alliance is a theoretical framework that was developed in psychology by Bordin. The framework divides the relationship into three components: goal, bond and task. The Working Alliance Inventory (WAI) is a survey developed from this theoretical framework to measure the alliance in psychology and it has since been adapted and used in both primary and secondary healthcare. The WAI has been adapted for general practice to the “WAI-GP”.
We will determine whether the WAI-GP survey aligns with the three components of Bordin’s framework using confirmatory factor analysis and its concurrent validity with measures of empathy and patient-centredness.

PhD Students

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