Skin Cancer Workshop

SKIN AND CANCER WORKSHOP, 22-23 MARCH, 16-17 AUGUST 2014 & 18 October 2014

2-day General Practitioner Skin Cancer Workshop - developed by Specialist Dermatologist Educators at Skin and Cancer Foundation in Association with the Department of General Practice, Monash University.

This GP Skin Cancer Workshop is suitable for all GPs and GP registrars, whatever the level of experience.  Developed and taught by experienced Specialist Dermatologist educators, these workshops are a perfect opportunity to skill up.

Endorsements received for Skin Cancer Workshop held on 22-23 March 2014

Skin lesions have always been difficult for me to assess and differentiate.  I was always faced with the questions "should I biopsy or should I not" and "what should I do with this particular skin lesion?"

The Monash University Skin course was recommended to me by my training network.  It was really helpful and great for my understanding of cancerous skin lesions.  I'm now really confident in understanding the basic pathology, able to differentiate the "ugly duckling" and treat accordingly in an independent manner.  I would highly recommend this great course and it would be placed high on my list for "must-do" courses during the training program.  The dermatologists who do the sessions are great/approachable/ friendly and the skin excision sessions (for both basic and advanced learning) are simply brilliant!

It is money well spent.  I can now confidently place the dermatoscope on a skin lesion when a patient asks me "by the way Doc, can you tell me what this spot is?"

Hats off to Dr. Alvin and his colleagues for organising such a course!!

Abe Mathew, GP registrar, Newcastle

Recently I attended a whole day workshop to learn about dermoscopy and management of skin cancers at the Skin and Cancer Foundation. The first half of the program was devoted to dermoscopy which I found gave me the confidence to invest in my own dermatoscope knowing that I now had enough knowledge to start using it as part of my skin check consults. The talks were practical and well pitched to the GP audience, and excellent resources were provided for future reference. The second half was devoted to skin cancer management which was equally well  presented . I am now pulling out my dermatoscope at every opportunity and feel I achieved my learning objective which was to feel more capable when faced with the question " can you just have a look at this spot?"

Dr Barb Uhlenbruch

I was only able to attend the Sunday workshop, but the course notes and the practical sessions are the best I have seen and as a second-term GP registrar I feel quite excited about how much better able I feel to assess basic skin lesions, know which ones need investigation or excision, and how to go about this, than I have felt previously.  The amount of detail and practical experience is beyond any other skin cancer course I have seen advertised or attended, and I would heartily recommend it to every GP registrar or any doctor who feels the need to increase their knowledge and skills in this area, as a 'must-do' course.  Thank you to Dr Alvin Chong and colleagues for your excellent work!

Antoinette M. GP Registrar

Day 1: Lecture Program

Monash University
Wellington Road
Clayton, Vic 3800


Dermoscopy content
* Basic Dermoscopy – Terminology and practical aspects
* Identification of benign lesions BCC – Bowen's disiease
* Identification of benign naevi using dermoscopy
* Identification of melanoma using dermoscopy

Management of skin cancers – non-dermoscopy
* Management of melanomas
* Diagnosis and management of non-melanoma skin cancers (BCC & SCC)
* Non-surgical treatments for the management of keratinocyte dysplasia
* Principles of biopsy and the role of the pathologist in the diagnosis of skin cancer
* Sun protection

Day 2: Interactive workshop includes presentations, demonstrations and time for skills practice using pigskin (or equivalent).


Biopsy techniques –
* punch and shave biopsies, techniques, limitations

Simple ellipses –
* Suture materials, planning excisions, danger areas, layered closure techniques, deep sutures, mattress sutures, dog ear repairs

Simple flaps and grafts
* Principles of simple flaps (advancement, transposition, rotational, island pedicle)
* Principles of skin grafting

Places for Day 2 are strictly limited to 50 participants only.

Day 1 attendees will be eligible for 12 category 2 points and Day 2 attendees will be eligible for 40 category 1 points in the RACGP 2014-2016 triennium as long as all requirements have been satisfied.


GP: Day 1 only: $600 plus $60 GST = $660.00
Day 2 only: $800 plus $80 GST = $880.00
Combined cost for both day 1 and day 2 is $1400 plus $140 GST = $1540.00

Day 1 only: $500 plus $50 GST = $550.00
Day 2 only: $700 plus $70 GST = $770.00
Combined cost for both day 1 and day 2 is $1200 plus $120 GST = $1320.00

Early bird discount of 10% if paid before COB 30th June 2014

Cancellations made before 8 August 2014 will incur a 5% cancellation fee.
Cancellations made on or after 8 August 2014 will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

Registrations for the August 2014 workshop are CLOSED.

October 2014 Workshop

The Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc. and Monash University Department of General Practice are organizing a Hands On Interactive Skin Cancer Workshop on Saturday 18 October 2014 at Skin and Cancer Foundation, Carlton.

This one-day hands on interactive workshop, to be held at Skin and Cancer Foundation Carlton, has an identical program to the one being run on Sunday 18th August, which is now full. The workshop will be coordinated and facilitated by Dr Alvin Chong, Senior Lecturer in Dermatology at University of Melbourne and an experienced teacher of GPs in the management of skin cancers. The surgical workshop will also be taught by Dr Eugene Tan, Micrographic Surgeon and experienced surgical educator.

Places for 18 October 2014 are strictly limited to 18 participants only


GP:$800 plus $80 GST = $880.00

$700 plus $70 GST = $770.00

Cancellations made before 10 October 2014 will incur a 5% cancellation fee.
Cancellations made on or after 10 October 2014 will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

Registration for the October 2014 workshop is now CLOSED.

For more information, please see the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc webpage.

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