Innovative Models Promoting  Access and Coverage Transformation (IMPACT)

“Universal health coverage is the goal that all people obtain the health  services they need. Universal health coverage is not possible without universal  access.”(David B Evans, World Health Organization)

Globally, primary health care is recognised as central to improving  health for all, yet vulnerable groups still find it difficult to access care. Recent  and widespread reforms in primary health care in western countries reflect a  growing concern that health systems should become more affordable, inclusive  and fair.

Improved  access to primary health care for vulnerable populations will be one of the  outcomes of a collaborative research juncture between the Australian Primary  Health Care Research Institute (APHCRI) and the Canadian Institutes of Health  Research (CIHR). The resulting Australian Canadian Joint Centre of Research  Excellence ‘Innovative Models Promoting  Access and Coverage Transformation (IMPACT)was created in 2014 with an  aim to give governments, health services and health consumers in both countries  a rich understanding of what really matters in optimising access to needed  community based primary health care.

Recent and widespread reforms in primary health care  reflect a growing concern that health systems should become more affordable,  inclusive and fair. In Australia and Canada such reforms have prioritised  access to effective and high-quality health services, with equity being at the  heart of that system. Despite these reforms, meaningful gaps in equitable  access to community-based primary health care remain. These gaps particularly  affect vulnerable groups.

The  Centre’s Australian effort will support localised innovations in primary health  care services in three outer suburban locations including Sydney, Melbourne and  Adelaide. The program will culminate in the trialling of ‘world’s best  practice’ innovations to assist access to health care for groups  whose demographic, geographic, or economic characteristics impede or prevent  their access to primary care services. One of the regions requiring immediate attention is  on our doorstep in south-east Melbourne.

In south-east Melbourne, the research team will be working to link  patients attending major health services, such as Monash Health, who lack  reliable access to a practitioner with a suitable general practice. Up to 20 general practices willing  to provide ongoing care to these patients will be recruited into the program.  Practices participating in the evaluation of the work will be compensated up to $1,300 as honorarium.
General  practice sits at the heart of community-based primary health care and your  involvement will be integral to achieving optimal health for all.

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