Pravik Solanki

Title: Models of care for the trans, gender diverse and non-binary community in Victoria: a quantitative comparison.

Supervisors: Dr Riki Lane and Dr Chris Barton


Pravik Solanki is a medical student with a passion for public health and data-driven research. He is undertaking an Honours year at the Department, comparing models of care for the trans, gender diverse and non-binary community in Victoria. His work contributes to the evolving interdisciplinary space of gender-affirming care, in which General Practitioners, psychiatrists, endocrinologists and many others play an important role.

Trans, gender diverse and non-binary people have some of the highest unmet health needs across the Australian population, with two-thirds desiring gender-affirming hormones and up to half attempting suicide. In response to growing demand on health services, a shift towards new ‘informed consent’ models (allowing gender-affirming hormones to be initiated by GPs) is underway, in favour of traditional referred-care models that require a mental health clinician to approve therapies. This cross-sectional study analyses sociodemographic, mental health and clinical data to characterise and compare patients accessing the two models of care, providing novel insights into how the two models are currently being coordinated to meet the health needs of this community.