Mr Sajal Saha

B.Pharm, M.Pharm, MPH (Leeds, UK)


PhD candidate, Department of General Practice

Principal Supervisor: Prof Danielle Mazza

Associate Supervisor Dr Johnson George

External Supervisor A/Prof Karin Thursky


Mr. Saha has been enrolled as a first year PhD candidate with the department of general practice, Monash University since 1 June 2017. He is an Assistant Professor at the department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University of Dhaka since 2014. He is a commonwealth scholar graduated with MPH (International) from the University of Leeds, UK with distinction in 2016. His first graduation was from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh with bachelor of Pharmacy with prestigious Dean’s Award 2007 and master in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology in 2011.

He has been engaged in teaching and pharmaceutical research for 7 years. His teaching expertise is in Clinical & Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmacology and drug use management and his research expertise is in Pharmacoepidemiology, drug pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics and drug policy. Mr. Saha has 18 publications and he is applying his interest and expertise of medicine safety, efficacy, management and their rational prescribing and usage to his current PhD research with department of general practice, using MAGNET and PBS data, and interviews with GPs and Pharmacists.

He is exploring how to improve antibiotic use within Australian primary care settings. His focus is on finding gaps in policy and practices of antibiotics prescribing and usage by GPs and pharmacists and accordingly to develop, implement and recommend pragmatic interventions, in particular how to enhance GP-Pharmacist relationship to better improve the practice of antibiotics prescribing, dispensing and usage. His goal is to utilize the outputs of PhD research in changing antibiotic use policy and practice within primary care in Australia to control rising antibiotic resistance in future.