Conference presentations / Webinars


  1. Gunatillaka N, Lewis V, Russell G, Advocat J, Cheng I, Harris M,  Enticott J, Hogg W, Pottie K, Meadows G, Teede H. The OPTIMISE Partnership: a  protocol for improving accessibility, quality and coordination of primary  health care for refugees in Australia. North American Primary Care Research  Group (NAPCRG) Annual Meeting 2016. Colorado Springs: Colorado. 12-16 November  2016 (poster)
  2. Gunatillaka N, Cheng I, Advocat J, Teede H, Pottie K, Hogg W, Meadows G,  Enticott J, Lewis V, Harris M, Russell G. The OPTIMISE Partnership: improving  accessibility, quality and coordination of primary health acre for refugees in  Australia. Primary  Health Care Research Conference (PHCRIS). National Convention Centre, Canberra.  8-9 June 2016. (Poster)


  1. Vasi  S, Marsh G, Song H, Lewis V, Harris M, Casey S, Smith M, Gunatillaka N, Russell  G. Collaborative improvement of primary health care for people of refugee  backgrounds in Australia. Primary  Health Care Research Conference (PHCRIS). Pullman Brisbane King George Square,  Brisbane. 7-9 August 2017. (Paper)