Pop-Up Project

“Bringing care to those in need: Translating a ‘Pop-Up’ Health and Social Support Intervention to vulnerable communities in South-East Melbourne”

People who are sick, poor or otherwise disadvantaged need better access to quality health care. Poor access can lead to overloaded emergency departments, avoidable hospitalisations, increased costs and poor health outcomes. Even when care is available, it does not always reach those in greatest need.

Since 2014, a team of primary health care academics, clinicians and managers have been working together in south east Melbourne as part of the Canadian- Australian IMPACT Centre of Research Excellence to improve access to quality primary health care for vulnerable communities. The team includes senior staff from Monash University, Monash Health (Community and Dental Services), Central Bayside Community Health Service, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and enliven.

Our team remains committed to improving access to primary health care and have secured funding to trial a successful Canadian IMPACT intervention to bring essential health and social services to vulnerable, hard to reach populations in south-east Melbourne.

We will be holding three Pop-Up Health and social support events where a range of service providers will be available for attendees to meet with and potentially provide a service onsite, where practicable. The Pop-Ups will be held in community halls, schools and other accessible locations in the region. We estimate there will be between 15 and 25 providers at each event and up to 50 consumers.

We are hoping to see whether these Pop-Ups can influence access to essential primary health care and foster integration between key health and social support providers.

Our mixed method evaluation will explore the use of linked data as a stepping-stone to a more extensive trial of the model.

For more information on the project, please contact Sharon Clifford, Project Coordinator, Department of General Practice, Monash University: Sharon.Clifford@monash.edu or (03) 9902 4474.