Student Experiences

In Summer 2016/2017, the Department of General Practice hosted 19 Summer Scholars.
Projects included:

The Department of General Practice has hosted a number of Summer and Winter Scholars. Please see below for their personal statements.

Ms Mauli Govinna
MEyeNET - innovative online project in ophthalmology and ENT
Supervisor: Dr Claire Harrison

Undertaking a summer scholarship with the Department of General Practice was certainly an extremely worthwhile and enjoyable experience. I had the opportunity to work with a fantastic supervisor and enthusiastic colleagues. The MEyeNET project was a great platform which allowed me to  improve my knowledge on research skills and methods, as well as further extend myself by submitting a conference abstract based on the project. It is certainly extremely rewarding to see tangible results of our work, and I look  forward to the next stages of the project. I am grateful for the lovely team at the department who provided a welcoming and supportive environment for us throughout our time there!

Ms Hermine Lee
Collaborative improvement of primary health care delivery to Australian refugees
Supervisor: Ms Nilakshi Gunatillaka

Working with the Department of General Practice as a summer scholar was an incredibly worthwhile and rewarding opportunity for me. The work I contributed towards my project highlighted the importance and need for research in the topic area, as well as the knowledge and expertise of the individuals involved. I gained so many insights into all the mechanisms that are required for a successful research project to occur, and was supported along the way by the SAPCRU team. Being a part of the DGP for the summer also allowed me to broaden my perspective of what occurs in the field of general practice and medical research, in communicating with and sharing ideas with fellow students and staff. I am grateful to have been part of the department, and hope to apply the skills learned to future areas of my career!

Ms Serena Lee
Empowering artwork/photography for a family violence education intervention
Supervisor: Dr Debbi Long

The summer scholarship experience I had with the Department of General Practice was outstanding. Having come from a completely different faculty—Art, Design & Architecture—I was able to immerse myself in a landscape completely foreign to me while really embracing a collaborative work flow. The discourse in which my work was framed was interesting, the interactions with fellow scholars was stimulating and the skills I gained through a short four weeks was invaluable.

Ms Lianne Leung
National evaluation of primary health networks
Supervisor: Dr Riki Lane

I was at the DGP for seven weeks as part of the Summer Scholars program. The project was very interesting both in terms of comparing different study sites and also in terms of learning new skills, as it was my first time doing qualitative research. Riki’s door was always open for questions and was always up for discussion of the project, while also giving me a lot of autonomy in the work. I’m also grateful for the warm welcome of DGP and SAPCRU; it was a lovely community to be a part of and I miss the staff and students. While I have since returned to Perth to continue my studies, this experience at DGP stays with me – it has changed the way I read, think, critique and wonder at the world!

Mr William Poh
ACCORd (The Australian Contraceptive ChOice pRoject)
Supervisor: Dr Cathy Watson

Working with the ACCORd team has been a great  experience. Not only have I gained valuable experience in quantitative  research and research study design, I have met many friendly and helpful  people along the way. It was nice coming in everyday knowing I would be well supported by ACCORd staff and fellow summer scholars.

Ms Esther (Ying Li) Toh
Rapid review of elder abuse prevention programs in institutions.
Supervisor: Professor Jan Coles (main); Dr Harriet Radermacher (associate)

I had a very fulfilling experience with the Department of General Practice (DGP). I learnt many different techniques and processes of conducting literature reviews and took away many valuable research skills. This program not only helped me grow professionally by working as part of a team but it also increased my interest in research and helped me gain insight on elderly abuse. I am grateful to the staff at the DGP, including my supervisors Harriet and Jan, who provided me with a very supportive environment and were always there to answer any questions I had. I am grateful for this experience as it has definitely broadened my perspective of medical research, especially in the field of general practice, and the critical role it plays in clinical practice.

Ms Holly Wang
The management of older patients in General Practice
Supervisor: Dr Lyle Turner

The four weeks I spent over the summer at the DGP went by fast; it was a challenging yet rewarding experience. As someone who has had  no prior research experience it was a wonderful opportunity for me to develop the basic skills such as completing my first literature review. I felt very  well supported by my supervisor Dr. Lyle Turner, as well as by other staff at the DGP who were always willing to share their expertise. Through my own  project as well as talking to my fellow medical students, I was able to really appreciate the huge variety of research that can be undertaken, including  qualitative and quantitative, conducting patient interviews and even contributing to guideline development and online teaching programs.

Ms Mian Wu
ACCORd (The Australian Contraceptive ChOice pRoject)
Supervisor: Dr Cathy Watson

It was an extremely meaningful and unforgettable experience working with the ACCORd team in the Department of General Practice during my four-week winter break. Whilst doing the literature review and patient interview, Cathy gave me good learning autonomy while being very approachable whenever I needed support. I really appreciated the warm welcome of Kim and all of those lovely staff. I am also very grateful for the opportunities given by DGP for attending several informative seminars, which greatly broadened my knowledge of various research methods and would definitely be beneficial to my future career. It was so enjoyable coming in every morning knowing that I would be inspired by an enthusiastic supervisor, obliging teammates and friendly fellow scholars. I miss the team and will always appreciate the short but invaluable experience in DGP!