Potential Academic Registrar Research Questions

Chronic disease

  • The role of ambulatory BP monitoring in general practice
    Supervisor: A/Prof Peter Schattner

  • The general practice management of multimorbidity in older people: analysis of general practice data
    Supervisors: Dr Lyle Turner and Dr Ting Xia

  • Overcoming MS: The lifestyle management of multiple sclerosis
    Supervisor: A/Prof Craig Hassed

Injury prevention and management

  • Do patients with work-related mental health problems have better outcomes if their GP specialises in occupational health?
    Supervisors: Dr Samantha Chakraborty and Dr Lyle Turner

Mental health

  • How do GPs use mental health treatment plans in practice
    Supervisor: A/Prof Peter Schattne

  • The impact of mindfulness training on student wellbeing and performance
    Supervisor: A/Prof Craig Hassed

Women’s health

  • The changing patterns of contraceptive use in young Australian women: an analysis of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health data set
    Supervisor: Prof Danielle Mazza

  • How do general practitioners provide contraceptive counselling in areas of high teenage pregnancy?
    Supervisor: Prof Danielle Mazza

  • Making the invisible visible: The medical achievements of women in Australia
    Supervisor: A/Prof Jan Coles

Medical education

  • Developing interprofessional violence education for recent graduates: From knowledge to skill development
    Supervisor: A/Prof Jan Coles

Family violence

  • On the radar? GPs and filicide (Co-supervised with Dept of Social Work)
    Supervisor: A/Prof Jan Coles

  • Developing international resources in family violence education for medical students: Development of the PACTS project
    Supervisor: A/Prof Jan Coles