Our GP Ambassadors

Interested in hearing more about general practice? Please contact one of our GP ambassadors below.

Dr Cathy Grech

M.B.B.S., F.R.A.C.G.P

I completed my medical degree at The University of Adelaide in 2002, and after my intern and resident years, started General Practice training in 2005 and became a Fellow of the College of General Practitioners in 2008. I have worked as a GP at a busy Melbourne inner city clinic, as well as a lecture at the Department of General Practice, Monash University, since 2010. My areas of interest include women's health, sexual health, drug and alcohol medicine, mental health and adolescent/young adult medicine, as well as medical student education.

So why should you consider General Practice as a vocation...? I enjoy my chosen field as it offers a great diversity of opportunities- you can work anywhere from a rural to urban setting, your work can be as general or as specialised as you choose, it allows you to explore interests such as teaching and research, and it can accommodate flexibility of working hours. And the work itself, though often very challenging, it extremely rewarding on several levels. As a GP you are most often the first professional encounter a patient has about a particular issue, and using your clinical acumen to work the problems through can be a very intellectually satisfying task. But more than that, I feel emotionally benefited by my work- I am constantly humbled by the trust that my patients place in me as their GP, and have learnt so much about life from the experiences that they have shared with me. So if you want a medical career that allows for diversity, travel, flexibility and provides intellectual and emotional satisfaction, then I would definitely recommend you consider General Practice.

Email: cathy.grech@monash.edu

Dr Les Segal

The broad scope of General Practice has provided both intellectual challenge and depth of longlasting doctor-patient relationships, resulting in a most satisfying career for me. I have been able to refine my interests (Paediatrics, Aged Care and Sports Medicine) and minimise areas less appealing to me (anything involving a scalpel!). The teaching of medical students was held in high regard when I was an undergraduate, and I always intended to continue this fine tradition. I now devote one third of my working week to undergraduate teaching, and am also motivated by the desire to educate students regarding the challenges and fulfillment of a life in General Practice.

Email: les.segal@monash.edu

Dr Karyn Alexander

Three years ago I returned to working as a principal in GP following an absence of 6 years. During this time I had worked in clinical trials, completed a Masters in Public health and gained some writing experience whilst raising 3 children through those busy primary school years. The changes to the practice working environment during my absence were profound- fully computerized, working as a team with nursing and allied health support, and new models for chronic disease management. All this has re-energised my return to GP. The practice was originally established in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne by myself and my husband more than 20 years ago, and we now have a partnership which includes 7 GPs and 3 PNs. We are planning to extend our services even further and have dreams for making a real difference to the health of our relatively disadvantaged community. In general practice I enjoy the autonomy, the prospects afforded by working in a “small” business, the opportunity to develop personally and professionally, and the satisfaction of seeing how good health outcomes can impact on an individual for the rest of their life. Please ring or email me if you feel inspired to enter general practice and would like to talk further. 

Email: karyn.alexander@monash.edu