Our Academic GP Registrars

Current Registrars

Dr Alison Brown

Project Title: The expansion of general practice: Practitioner factors associated with moving to larger or corporatised GP clinics and the effects on their job satisfaction.

Alison will be researching the practitioner factors associated with the move towards larger and corporatised GP clinics in Australia. She will be working with Professor Grant Russell using Medicine in Australia: Balancing Employment and Life quantitative longitudinal survey data.

Dr Dan Epstein

Project Title: Alternative novel payment systems for general practice- “Pay what you want”.

Australian primary care is mainly fee-for- service consisting of a mix of bulk billing practices, private gap-fee practices (gap fee paid by consumer) and mixed billing practices (who charge a gap to patients other than pensioners or children). The economic payment principle of “pay what you want” provides an alternative approach to price setting where cost setting of a gap fee is determined by the value placed on the service by the consumer. In this qualitative study, we hope to explore consumer and provider attitudes toward a “pay what you want” approach.

Dr Pallavi Prathivadi

Project Title: Qualitative insights into opioid prescribing practices by Victorian GPs

Dr Prathivadi’s research will explore knowledge, attitudes and beliefs related to opioid prescribing by Victorian GPs through in-depth interviewing and qualitative data analysis. This inquiry into the various biopsychosocial influences on opioid prescribing will also explore the major areas of concern for established and registrar GPs in the prescribing of these drugs of dependence.This initial study will inform future doctoral research to evaluate implementation of the newly published RACGP opioid prescribing guidelines. Furthermore we hope to develop tools to aid implementation of the guidelines into routine clinical practice.

Past Registrars

Dr Daniel Aronov

The impact of a social media video (as a shared decision making tool) on the decision and attitude towards bowel cancer screening.

Supervisors: Professor Danielle Mazza and Dr Lyle Turner

Dr David Chen

The general practice management of multi-morbidity in older people with diabetes: analysis of general practice data.

Supervisors: Professor Danielle Mazza and Dr Lyle Turner

Dr Emily Chen

The role of general practitioners in the management of obesity in Victoria.

Supervisors: Professor Danielle Mazza and Dr Lyle Turner

Many of our Academic Registrars have subsequently become leaders in the specialty of General Practice. These include Professor Danielle Mazza, Professor Michael Kidd, Associate Professor Jan Coles and Professor Stephen Trumble.