Master of Philosophy


Family Medicine

The Department of General Practice (DGP) Master of Philosophy is offered to general practitioners and other healthcare professionals working in family medicine who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in areas relevant to primary healthcare research. Additionally there is the opportunity for suitably qualified candidates to progress to a Ph.D.

When candidates have completed their course they will have an understanding of the key issues in the primary healthcare setting that are relevant to their research area. These will include:

  • Drivers of primary health care change – political, social and economic
  • Organisational structures in primary health care
  • E-Health initiatives in primary health care
  • Patient perspectives and participation in primary health care

The DGP offers candidates opportunities to improve their skills in medical education and primary care research. Support for GPs returning to study is provided by the FMNHS Early Career Research activities and those run on a weekly basis in the DGP.

Candidature involves the independent investigation of a research problem that has been formulated by the candidate under the direct supervision of a member of our academic staff. Within our department there are several major research options available to students in the primary health care field (see below).

Research areas in primary health care

  • Chronic disease
  • Preventative care
  • Women’s health
  • Mental health
  • Improving quality care
  • E-Health initiatives


Thesis approx. 50,000 words (100% research). Externally examined.


Any time of year, subject to availability of supervision

All applications are now made online via:

Applications can also be made for the Master of Biomedical Science (Part 1/Preliminary) which can be used as a bridging program for the MPhil. This course is also CRICOS coded. Application form can be downloaded from:

Information regarding this programme is available from the online handbook

To enquiry about the Master of Philosophy please contact:

Professor Danielle Mazza
Head of Department
Ph: +61 3 9902 4512
Fax: +61 3 9902 4300

Associate Professor Jan Coles
Co-ordinator Bachelor of Medical Science
Phone: +61 3 9902 4461

Dr Heather Grusauskas
Senior Manager, Graduate Studies
Ph: +61 3 9905 0059
Fax: +61 3   9902 4300