Celebrating Success – General Practice

Congratulations to Associate Professor Jan Coles who was recently nominated for a Monash University Australian citation and teaching excellence award

Associate Professor Craig Hassed was recently invited to speak at the House of Commons by Welsh MP, Chris Ruane, who co-chairs the UK Government's Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group, which was established in 2014 to review the scientific evidence and current best practice in mindfulness training; develop policy recommendations for government, based on these findings; and provide a forum for discussion for the role of mindfulness and its implementation in public policy.

Associate Professor Hassed's address included "a rationale for why mindfulness is so important not just for health but for workplace settings" and an overview of the world-leading work Monash is doing around mindfulness.
While in the UK, Associate Professor Hassed also gave the keynote address at the inaugural Mindfulness in Medicine Conference hosted by the University of Buckingham and facilitated the conference's day-long masterclass where he shared the lessons he has learned from the "Monash experience."

Associate Professor Hassed is now preparing for the 2016 launch of the Future Learn Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance online course on 19 September developed in conjunction with the team at Monash Learning and Teaching.  The six-week course is free and is co-hosted with clinical psychologist and Monash mindfulness consultant Dr Richard Chambers.

Congratulations to Dr Karen Price who was awarded an RACGP Family Medical Care Education and Research Grant (FMCER) worth  $10,000 for her project titled "The role of peer connection in general practice: what is the role of peer connection and its association to empathy and prevention of burnout in general practitioners?"

Congratulations to Dr Ray Chan and A/Prof Peter Schattner on having 3 posters accepted for the Global Addiction Conference in Venice, Italy, 2 - 4 October 2016. The posters are all on the topic of the appropriate use of the CIAW-Ar tool which measures alcohol withdrawal, but is often used in patients who also have illicit drug and psychiatric co-morbidities. Dr Chan will be attending the conference.