Graduate Education Supervisor Development Grant success

Kelly-Ann Bowles (DCEHPP), A/Prof Brett Williams (DCEHPP),  Nathan Stam (DCEHPP), Prof Terry Haines (Physiotherapy), Dr Cylie Williams  (Peninsula Health) and A/Prof Stephen Maloney (Physiotherapy) have recently  been awarded $15,000 under the 2017 Supervisor Development Grant funding round.

Their project will be looking at strengthening supervisory  partnerships with our Health partners.
The proposal outlines a measured approach to engaging external  supervisors and developing skills commensurate with Monash University  expectations. As Monash continues to develop relations with more industry  partners, the approaches adopted by this team to close skills and expectations  gaps between Monash supervisors and their industry colleagues will have the  potential to be highly instructive for other academic units.

Libby Callaway from the Department of Occupational Therapy has  also received funding success under the Monash Graduate Education Supervisors  Grant. Her project is titled “Building social impact and industry partnerships  within Australia’s National Disability and Injury Insurance Schemes: Scoping  graduate research needs in housing, assistive technology and support design for  people with disability.” The grant will enable further work with key disability  industry partners to identify and map current research activity relating to  housing, technology and support design for people with disability, and identify  gaps that may be addressed via graduate education programs, as well as  supervisor capacity building in this area.