Dr Aislinn Lalor


2013-present     PhD Candidate - Monash University
2010                 Occupational Therapy Driver  Assessor (certified) AMPS certified
2005-2008        Bachelor of Occupational Therapy  (Honours by Research)

Title in  Occupational Therapy Department: Lecturer

Phone number:
+61 (0) 3 9904 4362
Email: aislinn.lalor@monash.edu

Researcher Profile

Research Interests:

  • Sleep
  • Health services research
  • Older adults
  • Mental health
  • Practice education
  • Health science education
  • Assessment (Instrumentation and scales)

Recent Publications

Edited book  chapters:

2016           Brown,  T., Lalor, A. Core Occupations: Self-Care, Productivity, Education,  Leisure, Play, Rest, Sleep, & Social Participation. In T. Brown, H.  Bourke-Taylor, S. Isbel, & R. Cordier (Eds.), Occupational Therapy in  Australia: Professional and Practice Issues. Allen & Unwin, Sydney,  NSW, Australia.

Refereed Journal  Articles:

In press      Lalor,  A., Brown, T. Self-reported perceptions of children’s motor skill abilities  by children, parents and teachers as predictors of children’s motor skill  performance. New Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy.

2016 Lalor, A., Brown, T., Murdolo, Y. Relationship between  children’s performance-based motor skills and child, parent, and teacher  perceptions of children’s motor abilities using self/informant-report  questionnaires. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 63, 105-116.  doi: 10.1111/1440-1630.12253

2015           Lalor, A., Brown, T.,  Robins, L., Lee, D-C.A., O’Connor, D., Russell, G., Stolwyk, R., McDermott, F.,  Johnson, C., Haines, T.P. Anxiety and depression during transition from  hospital to community in older adults: Concepts of a study to explain late age  onset depression. Healthcare, 3, 478-502. doi: 10.3390/healthcare3030478

2014           Pritchard, E., Brown, T., Lalor,  A., Haines, T.P.  The impact of falls prevention on participation in daily occupations of older  adults following discharge: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Disability  and Rehabilitation, 36, 787-796. doi: 10.3109/09638288.2013.814720

2014           Bourke-Taylor, H., Lalor,  A., Farnworth, L.,  Pallant, J.F. Further validation of the Health Promoting Activities Scale with  mothers of typically developing children. Australian Occupational Therapy  Journal. doi: 10.1111/1440-1630.1213

2013           Bourke-Taylor, H., Lalor,  A., Farnworth, L.,  Pallant, J.F., Knightbridge, E., McLelland, G. Investigation of the  self-reported health and health-related behaviours of Victorian mothers of  school-aged children. Australian Journal of Primary Health. doi: 10.1071/PY13056

2012           Brown, T., Elliot, S., Bourne, R.,  Sutton, E., Wigg, S., Morgan, D., Glass, S., Lalor, A. The convergent  validity of the Developmental Test of Visual Perception – Adolescent and Adult,  Motor-Free Visual Perception Test – third edition and Test of Visual Perceptual  Skills (non-motor) – third edition when used with adults. British Journal of  Occupational Therapy, 75, 134-143.

2011           Brown, T., Elliot, S., Bourne, R.,  Sutton, E., Wigg, S., Morgan, D., Glass, S., Lalor, A. The  discriminative validity of three visual perception tests. New Zealand  Journal of Occupational Therapy, 58, 14-23.

2010           Brown, T., Bourne, R., Sutton, E.,  Wigg, S., Burgess, D., Glass, S., Elliot, S., Lalor, A. The reliability  of three visual perception tests used to assess adults. Perceptual Motor  Skills, 111, 45-59. doi: 10.2466/03.24.27.PMS.111.4.45-59

2009           Brown, T., Lalor, A. The Movement  Assessment Battery for Children – Second Edition (MABC-2): A review and  critique. Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics, 29, 86-103.  doi: 10.1080/01942630802574908

Recent Conference Presentations:

2016           Lalor, A. F. Sleep quality  of older adults: BeyondBlue Project Results Dissemination. Knowledge  Translation Workshop examining depression and anxiety in older adults recently  discharged from hospital in conjunction with BeyondBlue, Monash Health,  Peninsula Health, and Monash University, Melbourne, August 15 (Oral  Presentation)

2016           Lalor, A. F. Impaired sleep  quality and extended hospitalisation amongst older adults. Department of  Occupational Therapy, Monash University, Research Meeting, June 21 (Oral  Presentation)

2013           Lalor, A. Sleep as a  self-care occupation in older adults: Implications for occupational therapy. 25th  National conference for OT Australia 2013, Adelaide, July 24-26 (Oral  Presentation)

2013           Lalor, A., & O’Brien,  L. Occupational performance implications regarding the impact of interrupted  sleep subsequent to hospitalisation for older adults: A systematic review. 25th  National conference for OT Australia 2013, Adelaide, July 24-26 (Oral  Presentation)

2013           Lalor, A., Brown, T.,  Russell, G., & Haines, T. Anxiety and depression during transition back to  community living amongst hospitalised older adults: Protocol. 25th  National conference for OT Australia 2013, Adelaide, July 24-26 (Oral  Presentation)

2010           Lalor, A., & Brown, T.  Do motor skill  perceptions of children, parents and teachers predict children’s motor skill  performance? 15th World Congress of World Federation of Occupational  Therapists 2010, Santiago, Chile, May 4-7 (Oral Presentation)