Health and Immunisation requirements

Students will be required to comply with the faculty Immunisation and Infection Risk Policy, and current recommendations and procedures, to enable them to proceed through the course with an acceptably low level of risk.

The Immunisation policy can be found at

The Immunisation and Infection Risk Management Plan can be found at

Prospective and enrolling students will be provided with detailed written information and, as appropriate, counselling about the effects that HIV or hepatitis B infection may have on the ability of health care workers to practice their profession.


It is recommended that all students accept responsibility for having up-to-date immunisations before commencing the course. Recommended immunisations include diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis B.

Monash University is required to inform placement organisations of the immunisation status of all students. If a student does not satisfy the placement organisation's immunisation requirements, it may refuse to accept the student for a placement. A student who is unable to complete all compulsory placements cannot meet the requirements for successful completion of the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy.

First aid

In addition to the units outlined below, students will complete their 'Apply First Aid' certificate as part of their studies.