Continuing Professional Development

MUCCY values the importance of teachers, parents and carers being armed with as much knowledge as possible when working with children with developmental delays.

MUCCY proudly supports local networks and professional agencies such as the Early Years Networks and Best Start initiative by Frankston City Council and Windermere Early Learning Centre, Frankston.

MUCCY currently provides professional development for both professionals (kindergarten and school staff, early year’s educators and health professionals) and parents/carers. Topics include, but are not limited to: typical and atypical child development, school readiness skills, handwriting, fine and gross motor skill development, transition to school, supporting children with learning needs in the pre-school and classroom and specific developmental conditions i.e. developmental coordination disorder (DCD formally known as motor dyspraxia).

Professional development is provided on a needs basis, please contact us should you wish to discuss the training needs of your organisation or school.

Furthermore, in 2015, MUCCY partnered with local primary schools within Frankston, to undertake a pilot fine motor group program and parent information session as part of a school transition information sessions.

If your school or pre-school is interested in partnering with Monash University Occupational Therapy Department, please contact us on