Occupational Therapy Masters students

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Master  of Occupational Therapy Practice

This course has been an exciting and rewarding journey, where new learning experiences have challenged my way of thinking.  I’ve really enjoyed learning about how to use the different aids and equipment available, and also the practical workshops, where we have learnt to make things such as orthoses. It definitely helps to understand how theory translates into the real-work setting. From the knowledge and skills that I’ve learnt from this course and on placement, I will be able to support individuals to live independently again.



Master  of Occupational Therapy Practice

I chose this course because I wanted to do something practical that made a difference to people’s lives.  This course has definitely confirmed that! The practical sessions and placements have been invaluable. My placements have all been varied, including hospitals, aged care and paediatrics. I’ve learnt so much about how to actually apply everything we’ve done in class in to a real situation. It makes much more sense now! I couldn’t imagine doing this course anywhere else.



Master  of Occupational Therapy Practice

The course is structured to include a diverse range of  learning formats including theory, scenario based learning, practical workshops  and placement. I have really enjoyed the workshops, where we have learnt lots  of practical skills such as making a hand orthosis, learning about manual  handling, equipment and home modifications.

My favourite assignment was the 'disability experience',  where we used a wheelchair and vision impaired glasses for a day to access the  facilities on campus. This really opened my eyes to the barriers people with a  disability face each day, and the importance of looking through the lens of the  client, in order to improve our occupational therapy practice.