Metropolitan Fire Brigade

The Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) is an Emergency Service Organisation (ESO) that provides emergency response to the community located within the Metropolitan District.  MFB personnel provide Occupational First Aid and more advanced Emergency Medical Response (EMR) skills as First Responders during incidents, accidents and emergency medical events where required when responding to fire and rescue emergencies.

The EMR First Responder role is performed in collaboration with Ambulance Victoria (AV) as part of the joint EMR First Responder program.   As a result, MFB operational personnel must acquire and maintain their EMR qualifications and skills.

The EMR First Responder training program is designed to provide operational emergency service personnel with the competencies to act as an EMR First Responder.

Monash University through its Department of Paramedicine, has served as the sole tertiary education provider for all EMR First Responder education and training for MFB.  Proudly it has done so uninterrupted since 1999.