HECMA- Health, Emergency Care and Medical Applications

The Department of Paramedicine was the successful tenderer to re-write a new Health, Emergency Care and Medical Applications (HECMA) program for the Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The program comprises a ‘Health and Well-being’ and ‘Emergency First Responder’ component.

The purpose of the HECMA program is to promote the health and wellbeing of adolescents to enable them to be healthy and productive adults through a health education curriculum situated at the centre of comprehensive school health program.

The curriculum goals are to increase health literacy, improve self-efficacy, enhance social responsibility, promote advocacy, handle emergencies safely and introduce students to the health sector. This supports the development of a skilled UAE health care workforce. The program has been implemented in numerous schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and delivered to students in G10, 11 and 12.