Aeromedical and Retrieval

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Monash University has an  established record in providing outstanding education and training for  Intensive Care and Advanced Life Support Paramedics during their transition to the  highly specialised Aeromedical and Retrieval role. Aeromedical and Retrieval  paramedics often provide one of the highest levels of pre-hospital care in the  world by facilitating the safe and effective transfer of critically unwell  patients to specialist receiving hospitals as well as the retrieval and rescue  of these patients from challenging environments.

Aeromedical  and Retrieval Specialisation

This  specialisation is designed to provide paramedics with the necessary education  and training for the specialist aeromedical and retrieval role as well as leadership, education and research positions. Students will initially undertake  specialist aeromedical and retrieval education and training as well as education in advanced integrated healthcare practice before going on to  completing specialty elective study. The aeromedical and retrieval stream will provide students with the necessary education and training to successfully complete an aeromedical and retrieval internship/program with a specified  retrieval service provider in order to provide specialist aeromedical,  retrieval, rescue and coordination roles in your area of clinical practice.

For more information about this course, please see the handbook.