Course Structure Master of Specialist Paramedic Practice

The Master of Specialist Paramedic Practice consists of the equivalent of 12 units of study (72 credit points) structured into 2 parts: Part A. Advanced healthcare and specialist studies, Part B. Specialist elective studies. All students complete Parts A and B.

PART A. Advanced healthcare and specialist studies

These  studies will extend the students clinical practice in their chosen  specialisation (paramedic intensive care, extended care, or aeromedical and  retrieval training) through advanced training. Students will gain knowledge of  advanced techniques that will enable them to provide the highest level of  pre-hospital care in their specialist area of paramedic practice. Students will  explore clinical practice within an integrated emergency medical system and  examine the issue and trends that influence scope of practice and service  delivery. These studies will prepare students for clinical leadership,  education and research positions.

PART B. Specialist elective studies

These  studies will further advance and broaden the students’ knowledge and skill  development. Students can select units that suit their own interests or  service-specific requirements including: a clinical practicum in Extended Care  or Clinical Care paramedicine; advanced specialty study units from outside of  their specialist stream; units from other disciplines including ethics and law  or radiography interpretation; or research units. Students wishing to use this  Master’s course as a pathway to a higher degree by research should chose the  research units.