Pathways into Paramedicine

If you are  unsuccessful in gaining a place in the Bachelor of Paramedicine directly from Year 12 study,  you are still eligible to apply in subsequent years.

To be  competitive for a place, it is strongly recommended that students complete a  minimum of four University level units, and achieve an average grade of at  least 60+ (credit level).

The type of  course/units studied will have no impact on your chances of being made an  offer, as we are only interested in your results.

For further  information, please see the page Mature age student  requirements

Please note  that non-Monash students will need to apply through VTAC.

Current  Monash students can apply for an Internal transfer.

Applying for  Credit

Credit can  be granted to students who have completed study that is assessed as being  equivalent to units studied in their specific course.

Students can apply for Credit once they  have accepted their place and enrolled in the course. TAFE level units are  usually not granted, only University level units.